Chilham Parish Recreation Ground Trust

Chairman, Julian Rankin steps down after 21 years.

Julian had spent the past 21 years as Chairman of the Chilham Parish Recreation Ground Trust but made the decision to step down from the role last month.

Julian has overseen a number of projects during his time as Chairman, including joining Fields of Trust, installing solar panels, Sport’s Hall’s lighting, an outside play area and a MUGA pitch.

After two decades of helping run the trust, Julian has decided the time is right for a new Chairman to take over, but he will stay on as a committee member.

The self-sustainability of the Trust, not least in terms of energy conversation and generation is close to Julian’s heart, as he believes that lower running costs allied to efficient use of people’s time, will help ensure its long-term survival.

“The trust was established a long time ago, it has evolved over the years into a substantial recreational ground, serving the community in numerous ways, which help enrich the lives of those who use them. It proves Chilham and the surrounding area can benefit from high quality facilities without burdening the tax payer,” he said.

“If the Committee, Trustees and members of the community have given so much of their time and effort, without payment, to create and sustain these amazing facilities, I don’t want it to be lost. I want their legacy to be the future success of the Trust.

Julian described his stepping down as “passing on the baton”, and in a final message as Chairman, echoes his hope for someone to take over and build upon the foundation that he and his peers built.

“I want the Trust to have new blood, new energy to help ensure it serves the community well into the future,” said Julian.

The Chilham Parish Recreation Ground Trust would like to sincerely thank Julian Rankin for his exceptional work as Chairman over the past 21 years and look forward to him continuing on as a valued member of the committee.

We hope to find a suitable replacement in the near future but are keen to ensure that we find the right candidate and are prepared to take the time it takes to do so.

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